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Serving Lakewood, California
Flux Electric provides electrical services for Lakewood, California, as well as its neighboring cities, such as Long Beach. With Long Beach as its hub, Flux Electric sends its electrical professionals to many of Southern California’s major cities in addition to Lakewood. Flux electric also serves clients in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Irvine, Orange, Anaheim, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach, and many other cities in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

Lakewood, California, was sometimes called “an instant city” because it evolved from a lima bean agricultural center in 1950 to a well-developed city 10 years later. The city is a classic example of a post World War II American suburb. World War II veterans could get home loans with nothing down and a 4% interest 30-year mortgage. On the first day of home sales in March 24, 1950, over 200,000 people descended on the Lakewood Park sales office and more than 1,000 families qualified to purchase homes which is 30 per day on average. The monthly cost for the home buyer was $44 to $56 per month, which included principal, interest, and insurance.

Lakewood’s primary thoroughfares are generally boulevards with landscape medians and frontage roads on either side. The city is mostly made up of residential districts. Over 80,000 residents live in the city as of 2010.

Lakewood, the last city to incorporate in Los Angeles County since 1939, incorporated in 1954. It paved new ground when its citizens voted to contract for wide-ranging city services. It has been a pioneer among California cities to contract for services from Los Angeles County, other government agencies, and companies in the private sector. Following Lakewood’s lead, the cities of Cerritos, Bellflower, Walnut, and Diamond Bar, also adopted the so-called “Lakewood Pan” for providing services to private citizens, government agencies, and private industries.

The first Denny’s Restaurant was established in Lakewood in 1953. Harold Butler founded Danny’s Donuts which was renamed Denny’s Restaurant in 1959.

In 2005, Sports Illustrated named the City of Lakewood “Sportstown USA” for the State of California.

The top 10 employers in Lakewood are:
1. Long Beach United School District
2. Lakewood Regional Medical Center
3. City of Lakewood
4. Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services
5. Bellflower United School District
6. Walmart
7. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
8. ABC Unified School District
9. The Home Depot
10. Albertson’s

The city is vital to the area, creating opportunities for Flux Electric to expand as the need for rewiring, upgrading and extending electrical servicing continue. We are ready to answer any call for the services of professional electricians in and around Lakewood, California.

Flux Electric provides the complete array of electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial applications:

The company’s jobs run the gamut: single family homes, multi-family homes, apartments, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing plants, hospitals, nursing homes, retail stores, and more. For a Lakewood electrician that does quality work, call Flux Electric at 310-961-8733.

Why We Do It Better

Done Right the First Time
Flux electricians are all licensed professionals who stay up-to-date on the best practices in the industry to assure safe and reliable delivery of electrical power on demand. Flux electricians perform their jobs correctly the first time to save time and money for their customers.

Managed for Quality Control and Compliance
The company controls quality and compliance with oversight from a supervisor and project manager who perform site visits and remain in continuous contact with the electricians. The supervisor and project manager are also in place to provide solutions for circumstances that are expected and unexpected.

Communicate Honestly and Openly
Honest and regular communication with customers provides them with peace of mind and confidence that their electrical project is in competent hands. Flux Electric respects their customers and their right to know the progress of work. Flux Electric keeps the lanes of communication open.

Driven to Satisfy Customers
Flux Electric is responsive to customer needs and values their satisfaction above all else. As a result, Flux customers have been Flux Electric’s best source of business. Satisfied and pleased customers regularly refer their neighbors, friends, family members, business associates, and others to Flux Electric.

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